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How Sports Continue To Change The World

The sports industry is driving the world today. Every country around the world is using sports to connect with the people of their communities. Obermire, 2020 wrote; Sports have been in people's lives for thousands of years. Whether it was the Greek Olympics or wrestling matches between soldier’s games have been a part of society dating back 3000 years ago where the first Olympics was held in 776 BCE. Although sport has always just been a game to some it is much bigger than just a game. There are positive and negative impacts of sports on individuals such as effecting political and capital ventures globally. (Obermine, 2020).


The impact that sports have on the world expands beyond the financial gain associated with team logos and city representation. The financial impact is felt in a way that mirrors the importance of the world wide web. Without sports there would be chaos and an unstable world that lacks entertainment and competition. There are also health reasons related to a lack of sports that could have a drastic effect on society. Fish Stripe Staff 2021 wrote, engaging in physical activities eases tension and lowers stress levels. Get involved in sports when you are stressed. It is a natural and good means to loosen up when in such a situation. When next you are under pressure, take part in sports and you will feel better. (Fish Stripe, 2021).


Soccer has evolved as a leading sport in the United States after once being a rival to American football. Today we have American leagues that rival foreign leagues in popularity and in some cases, superstars have transitioned to U.S. based teams to help drive profitability and increase fan bases. TeamStats wrote that Soccer's global appeal and fan base are utterly unmatched by any other sport. Today, billions of people worldwide play, watch, and follow soccer with unwavering passion and dedication. Moreover, the game's simplicity, excitement, and ability to unite people across language, cultural, and social barriers make it the supreme king of all sports. (TeamStats, 2023).


Ice Hockey is one of Americas most popular sports and draws some of the most impressive crowds, even when ranked below other sports ventures. Ice Hockey has a year-round fan base that lingers even in the off season. Some of the largest sports brands have incorporated hockey into their portfolio’s. Sports Media wrote, The National Hockey League (NHL) has the smallest following among the four major sports leagues in the US and is followed by 17 per cent of US sports fans, according to Ampere’s Q4 2022 Sports Consumer survey. North America’s preeminent ice hockey league ranks eighth in the list of most popular competitions, with the college football and basketball regular seasons, as well as the college football playoffs and National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) March Madness tournament, ranking above it in terms of popularity. (Moore, 2023)


Basketball is the second largest sport in the United States, but the evidence of how important basketball has become is seen daily within every aspect of the world. From social justice to poverty and local contribution, the National Basketball Association has shown that being responsible and ethical can support growth internally and externally. As described on the website De Mode, Basketball, a sport born in the United States, has achieved global reach and influence, with the National Basketball Association (NBA) serving as a major catalyst for its international expansion. The NBA's impact extends far beyond North America, and its popularity has transcended borders, languages, and cultures. In this essay, we will explore the global reach of basketball and the NBA's role in propelling the sport to a worldwide audience. (De Mode, 2023).

The NFL is by far the most economic sports entity in the United States. The National Football League is widely recognized by cities across the United States as a major contributor to the local economy. In most cases the league plays a significant role in the foundation of architecture, design, housing and shopping in major cities. As stated on the website Sports Insider, The National Football League (NFL) is not just the most popular sports league for North American sports fans and bettors; it’s a financial juggernaut. From broadcasting rights and merchandise sales to sponsorships and advertising, the economic influence of the is huge both in terms of overall revenue and its reach throughout the broader economy. Obviously, there’s a number of ways to calculate this but one frequently reported number suggests that NFL football adds $5 billion a year in ancillary revenue to the US economy. That’s not surprising, and the league itself brings in just under $12 billion USD per year. (Murphy, 2023).


Major League Baseball is the 3rd most populous sport. As boring as some of us may think it is, this sport has committed fans that will sit in the most disturbing weather conditions for long periods to see their hometown team win it all. Baseball is one of Americas past times that has lasted through the toughest issues in our history to overcome segregation racial divides and gender equality. Although the NFL rakes in the dollars, it’s nothing compared to what Major League Baseball has delivered. As stated on the website Points Ville, Major League Baseball (MLB) is a significant contributor to the US economy, with an estimated economic impact of around $41 billion in 2019. This includes both the direct and indirect impact of MLB-related spending. Direct spending by MLB teams and related businesses, such as stadiums, totaled around $10.3 billion in 2019. This includes player salaries, front office staff, stadium maintenance, and game-day operations. Indirect spending, which includes things like concessions, merchandise sales, and related tourism, was estimated at around $30.7 billion. (Points Ville, 2023).


The fact is these business models may be seen as sporting brands, but there is no doubt that without them we would not be in place to compete with other countries who have similar dynamics and an aggression to entertain people that contribute to the economy. These complex models may seem simple but they are each part of a well-oiled machine known as the United States of America.


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