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Week 1 Project: My Full Sail Story

Before i started at Full Sail University I was working as General Manager for Best Buy for 19 years. During my tenure there I learned several business practices that allowed me to grow as a person and a leader.

I always thought about going back to school to pursue a degree in business management, but I was not sure if I wanted to focus on entertainment or corporate business. I figured that improving my education would provide me better opportunities and help me financially. But then I realized that my passion is entertainment and I have a love for music and media management.

I have always been an advocate of music and entertainment and my beliefs have always been connected to the correlations that combine the media to emotional decisions. Because of that I joined Full Sail University and joined the Business Entertainment program. Once I joined I learned that there's more to the structure and I had a lot to learn in order to be a resource that people could count on.

Because of that I am now spending several hours a day learning and participating in classes to help me grow in a field that i am unfamiliar with. Those hours are sometimes tough but I push through knowing that it will be worth it in the end. Because of that I will have a degree that will help me change my career path.

This degree will help me get a job in an industry that is less stressful and demanding. Until finally I possibly have a better financial portfolio in the future. This portfolio will allow me to one day start a company of my own that will expand for generations to come. Ever since I decided to pursue my degree I have seen more opportunities in my approach to teaching, learning and understanding of the basic strategies needed to communicate in the business world. So, the decision I made was a good decision and this will be proven once i graduate in 2021.

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